Silver Slipper Casino in Storm Epicenter, Employees Evacuated

Silver Slipper Casino at Storm Epicenter, Employees Evacuated Staff at the Silver Slipper Casino in Mississippi were evacuated Sunday after being stuck at work due to a tropical storm dubbed Cristobal.woo casino log in As a result of the storm, all streets in the casino area were severely flooded, so employees had to wait for rescuers at work. According to some reports, the evacuation of about 100 employees of the institution lasted seven hours. Parts of them were transported in special vehicles. People were taken from the entrance to the casino and driven to the parking lot, where they usually leave their cars and from where the bus then takes them to the establishment. The fire chief, who participated in the evacuation, noted that the water level reached almost 5 feet (1.woo casino log in5 meters) %s... Silver Slipper was reopened only towards the end of May after a forced quarantine. And the casino is unlucky enough to find itself in the path of a powerful storm that continues to sweep across the country.