(November 30, 2023) – B-Dub Radio, through its syndication partner, Skyview Networks, proudly showcases the continued growth of its radio network with four new affiliates adding B-Dub Radio to their programming lineup and two existing affiliates expanding their current partnerships with B-Dub on Saturday evenings to include Monday through Friday evenings. Heading into 2024, B-Dub Radio can now be heard on: *NEW* WBYZ-FM Baxley, GA – Monday-Saturday; *NEW* KUZZ-FM Bakersfield, CA – Monday-Friday; *NEW* WCEN-FM Flint, MI – Monday-Friday; *NEW* KJUG-FM Visalia, CA – Saturday; *EXPANDED* KBAY-FM San Jose, CA – Already airs Saturdays, Added Monday-Friday; *EXPANDED* WFLS-FM Washington DC – Already airs Saturdays; Added Monday-Friday.

“We are excited to now have B-Dub on six nights a week on KBAY,” said Bo Matthews, Operations Manager/Program Director of KBAY-FM. “His content is great, and the localization opportunities are endless. It just sounds like a good time. He was the final piece in rounding out the weekly KBAY lineup, and we couldn’t be more excited!”

“We go beyond providing access to country music’s biggest and rising stars. Great and relatable content is what separates B-Dub Radio from the pack,” commented Bryan “B-Dub” Washington, award-winning host of B-Dub Radio. “We provide a product that speaks to our audience from a point of view they can relate to. I’m excited to continue to grow ratings and revenue for our affiliates in 2024!”

Ed Moloney, Skyview Networks’ Director, Affiliate Syndication and Sales added, “B-Dub’s ability to generate dedicated listenership through his passion for country music is what makes him a leader in the country radio space. He delivers for every station, creating an elevated and energetic dynamic that is unique to B-Dub Radio.”

B-Dub Radio airs five hours daily, Monday through Saturday evenings, and offers customization and content-only options to its affiliates. For affiliation information, contact [email protected] or visit skyviewnetworks.com/b-dub.

About B-Dub Radio

Bryan “B-Dub” Washington is an award-winning radio personality in country music radio. In previous years, he worked as the Music Director at KMLE in Phoenix, Assistant Program Director/Music Director at KUPL The Bull in Portland and Assistant Program Director/Music Director at KWBL The Bull in Denver. B-Dub’s passion for country music runs deep, driving his contagious positive energy and strong connection with listeners, and most recently earning him an ACM Radio Award for National Weekly On-Air Personality/Show. B-Dub Radio is syndicated by Skyview Networks. For affiliation information, reach out to [email protected] and visit skyviewnetworks.com/b-dub/.

About Skyview Networks

Skyview Networks is an audio technology, syndication and network audio sales solutions company based in Scottsdale, Arizona that has been serving the broadcast space for nearly 30 years. With more than 12,500 radio affiliate relationships, its nationwide coverage reaches over half of all Americans each week. Skyview’s industry-leading services are utilized by major media companies, leading consumer brands, world-class entertainers, professional and collegiate sports organizations, and state news networks. For more information, visit skyviewnetworks.com and follow @SkyviewNetworks.