SkyCap to Provide Padres Automated High Definition Video Capture of all In-Venue Partner Activations

SAN DIEGO (March 29, 2017) — Major League Baseball’s (MLB) San Diego Padres and broadcast technology innovator, Skyview Networks, announce today the debut of SkyCap technology at Petco Park.  Beginning April 2017, Skyview’s SkyCap system will capture all gameday partner activations with high-definition video, to auto clip by advertiser and catalog in a searchable database.  With SkyCap, the Padres will be the first franchise to provide its corporate partners the full impact of their investment, proving contract fulfillment and showcasing the power of fan interaction.

“The Padres are proud to partner with Skyview to continue to deliver best-in-class service to our partners,” said Padres Vice President, Corporate Partnerships Sergio Del Prado. “Skyview’s innovative SkyCap technology will allow us to offer more robust recaps and reports of the exceptional in-game entertainment features at Petco Park.”

SkyCap is scalable and customized to each client’s facility.  For the Padres, Skyview installed six high-definition cameras to capture all video board and LED signage and sponsored features inside the ballpark.  SkyCap integrates with a venue’s existing screen software, reading the partners and air times to autoclip the high-definition video.  The system’s automation requires minimal extra effort from the in-venue production team.

“We are proud to launch our SkyCap technology with our longtime partner, the San Diego Padres; we believe they will find value in the system as a tool for their current and potential corporate partners,” said Matt Stys, Vice President Business Development for Skyview Networks.  “We feel SkyCap will distinguish our franchise partners, as proof of performance becomes increasingly important to advertisers.”

Within 24 hours of an event, the SkyCap database is populated with clips that are ready to be searched, downloaded and shared with clients.  The franchise benefits are two-fold, supporting the sales effort through the visual power of fan experience with a brand and proving contract execution.

About Skyview Networks

Skyview Networks is a broadcast technology and national sales solutions company that provides services to ABC Radio, 100+ professional and collegiate sports organizations and two state news networks. Founded in 1995, Skyview is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and serves as a national full-service provider to advertisers, syndicators and broadcast networks. Skyview’s services include satellite distribution, full network automation, affiliate relations, inventory management systems and national audio sales with advertising solutions for radio, television, print, signage and web.

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