Sessions Featured Radio’s Brightest Minds Including Nielsen’s Jon Miller, Jacobs Media’s Fred Jacobs and Suzy’s Matt Britton

July 19, 2021 – Skyview Networks’ much-anticipated 2022 Upfront Sales Conference launched today rolling out the upcoming year’s network sales strategy, which aligns with the economy’s strong recovery, growing radio ratings and the shifting expectations of ad agencies. Day one featured key insights from top industry leaders and network executives to set the tone and vision, including Nielsen’s Vice President of Audio Insights, Jon Miller; Jacobs Media’s President, Fred Jacobs; and Suzy’s Founder and CEO, Matt Britton, as well as key Skyview Networks’ executives President and COO, Steve Jones; Executive Vice President, Jeanne-Marie Condo; and Vice President Syndication and Content Development, Rico Colindres. Jones opened the conference noting, “Skyview is very well positioned to meet the needs of the network ad community with our enhanced consumer analytics and marketplace intelligence; our company emerges from COVID on very solid financial footing and we are actively pursuing new business opportunities.”

Condo spoke about the strong rebound in network sales, “Our 2021 revenue numbers match 2019 levels. And, with Skyview’s investment in our team, we are building momentum in advance of the Upfront season; I see 2022 shaping up to be a strong right out of the gate.” Condo further emphasized, “Integrity, experience, and innovation continue to be the foundation driving Skyview Networks. The collaboration during these conferences is always an insightful and inspiring experience, bringing our brightest minds and resources together and strengthening our esteemed client relationships.”

Audience and listenership was a large focus of the day, as sessions dove deep into consumer demographics, data and behavior. Colindres provided the keynote address on multicultural audience trends and the importance of advertiser authenticity when targeting Latinos and African Americans, a growing sector of the GenZ audience, advising, “Latinos respond well to seeing accurate representations of themselves and their culture in ads and African American consumers respond well to brands that support their community, meaning content from ambassadors who look like them, speak their language and are deep-rooted in their communities will win for advertisers. The future is always a mystery, but one thing is certain: the multicultural consumers have numbers and are voting with their pocketbooks and loyalty. We must meet them on their turf, play under their rules and authentically care about their lives and communities and then everyone wins!”

Jon Miller, Vice President of Audience Insights for Nielsen, addressed the company on recent radio listening trends and presented highlights from Nielsen’s latest Audio Consumer Sentiment Survey, explaining “Listeners to AM/FM radio lead the way when it comes to resuming normal weekly activities as we recover from the pandemic. Additionally, Americans are back in the car listening to radio with commuting increases driven by more working outside the home as well as the loosening of virus-related restrictions. Overall, radio continues to be the soundtrack of the recovery, with listening in May of 2021 reaching the highest point in a year.”

Emerging trends in consumer behavior and advertising were identified by Matt Britton, Founder and CEO of Suzy, who concentrated on the changes accelerated by the pandemic, saying, “We cannot think in silos—the pandemic has turned the business world on its head in relation to what is important to consumers. The pandemic changed where they can go, shop, collaborate, and this has huge implications on how they spend their money and their time. With 2.3 trillion dollars in excess savings reported, there is unprecedented spending power. Simultaneously, there is convergence on the audio space, especially in music, with gaming, entertainment, connected home gyms, the evolving car dash, and those that can engage with consumers on multi-levels better positioned to unlock spending power.”

To close the day, Skyview Networks’ research department presented the success of radio and return on investment of ad spend in the medium, which boasts:*

  • + $23 return for every dollar spend on grocery
  • + $16 return for every dollar spend on mass merchandisers
  • + $3 return for every dollar spend on quick-service restaurants

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*Source: Nielsen Buyer Insights through 2018, ROAS categories