Panels focus on content and sales strategies for elevated audience engagement across Major League Baseball

(November 16, 2022) – Skyview Networks, an industry leader in broadcast and technology solutions, announced today the successful return of the Major League Baseball (MLB) audio rightsholders’ meetings in Las Vegas following a one-year hiatus after 2020’s virtual meetings. Serving as this year’s host for the first time, Skyview Networks presented topical panels led by MLB and industry executives, including strategies in expanding audio sales platforms, developing engaging content for listeners and utilizing digital mediums for continued network growth across the league.

“Skyview Networks is proud to have hosted the return of this conference for key MLB leaders and decision makers representing nearly 25 team franchises and radio networks, as well as audio industry executives and innovators,” said President and Chief Executive Officer of Skyview Networks, Steve Jones. “Each panel generated insightful discussions amongst attendees, providing them with knowledge, strategies and new ideas as they begin preparations for the 2023 baseball season.”

Across many panels, one consistent point from each organization was the importance of connecting with audiences through tactical storytelling. As platforms evolve across new generations, teams continue to seek the most innovative ways to bring the game to life through the audio space. By expanding the digital presence across all facets of the broadcast, whether in the stadium or on a smart phone, and seeking strategic corporate partners with aligning goals for audience reach, franchises are maximizing their listenership and building upon the deep-rooted connection with their fans.

Brian Nephew, Director, Business Partnerships at Skyview Networks’ MLB partner, the Texas Rangers, commented on the event stating, “Being back in person to discuss broadcast strategies and best practices with our industry colleagues and partners cannot be replaced. This year’s turnout was a true testament to the benefit of working together to drive results within MLB and create a positive experience for the fans. We are grateful to Skyview’s support in this initiative and value our partnership with their organization.”

Furthermore, conversation topics centered around sports betting, streaming services, and social media.

“This year’s meetings allowed us to have productive and informative discussions amongst the majority of MLB’s professional franchises, many of which have been long-standing partners of Skyview Networks,” added Andrew Kalb, SVP Business Development and Communication at Skyview Networks. “As a company, our goal is to provide support at every level through our distribution, inventory management and live read control services, and we were thrilled for the opportunity to learn how we can continue building upon the unparalleled reputation of Major League Baseball.”

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