(October 20, 2022) – Audio technology leader, Skyview Networks, announced today that over the past three weeks, its Technical Operations Center facilitated a record number of broadcasts with nearly 710 games aired across MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA football. With the largest team partner roster in Skyview history, and many of its MLB partners advancing to the postseason, the operations department successfully managed more than 3,500 broadcast hours through its distribution, inventory management and production platforms.

The anticipation of added partnerships, combined with a minor shift in season timelines due to the unprecedented years prior, prompted Skyview’s operations department to approach October with innovative solutions. Its next-generation distribution technology was streamlined amongst its new and existing partners in advance of the overlap, enhancing the broadcasts for the teams’ affiliate networks. Additionally, new partners utilizing Skyview’s web-based inventory management software, AdView, had increased efficiency within their broadcast booths and 24/7 access to Skyview’s expert-level support team. Furthermore, the Skyview Technical Operations Center expanded its in-house production capabilities, with the addition of two more production facilities and new team members to oversee the game broadcasts.

As the technology and software were elevated prior to the concurrent league seasons, Skyview Networks promoted several key team members. After showcasing tremendous leadership and ingenuity throughout their time at Skyview, team members Art C De Baca III, Bryan Titus, Richard “Rickey” Sams and Ryan Ricci were promoted within the company to maintain the highest levels of performance. C De Baca and Titus’ new positions include managing the department, while Sams oversees the growing team of board operators and Ricci joins the business services team.

“As Skyview’s business portfolio and partnerships continue to expand, our operations department approaches each broadcast and new season with commitment and professionalism in every aspect,” said Ryan Ballard, Skyview Networks’ SVP, Operations, Engineering and Technology. “This record number of broadcasts managed by our team is a testament to their dedication and ingenuity to ensure the success of each team partner and their season.”

President and CEO of Skyview Networks, Steve Jones, commented, “The magnitude of this overlap and the manner in which our team handled a record-breaking season speaks to the leadership role Skyview has in the audio technology industry. The continued growth within the departments is what drives our evolving business platforms and positions Skyview for further development and innovation.”

For details on Skyview’s full suite of broadcast technology solutions, visit skyviewnetworks.com.

About Skyview Networks
Skyview Networks is an audio technology, syndication and network audio sales solutions company based in Scottsdale, Arizona that has been serving the broadcast space for more than 25 years. With more than 10,000 radio affiliate relationships, its nationwide coverage reaches over half of all Americans each week. Skyview’s industry-leading services are utilized by major media companies, leading consumer brands, world-class entertainers, professional and collegiate sports organizations, and state news networks. For more information, visit skyviewnetworks.com and follow @SkyviewNetworks.