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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the weekday Nick Cannon Radio show be available for broadcast?2019-12-03T12:12:57-08:00

The weekday Nick Cannon Radio program will be available beginning Monday, January 27, 2020.

When will the Nick Cannon Radio Weekends show be available for broadcast?2019-12-03T12:14:53-08:00

The weekend program Nick Cannon Radio Weekends will be available in February 2020.

How long does Nick Cannon Radio run?2019-12-03T12:15:27-08:00

We provide 5 hours weekdays. Each hour has 4 content segments. The weekend program runs 3 hours, with 4 content segments each hour.

What music will play?2020-01-21T14:31:51-08:00

We recognize that each station has a unique playlist so Nick will provide his world class entertainment and each affiliate programmer will continue to have the flexibility to schedule the music best suited for their market and audience.

Will the show be live?2019-12-03T12:16:55-08:00

The show is recorded to provide maximum flexibility in programming your local music.

What formats are suited for the show?2019-12-03T12:17:20-08:00

Nick has tremendous cross-over appeal, but we recommend the show for urban, rhythmic and hip-hop formats.

How is the show delivered?2019-12-03T12:18:05-08:00

The show is delivered by FTP with the first two hours available by 9a PT / 12p ET and subsequent hours available by 11a PT / 2p ET.

Will there be a daily Run of Show?2019-12-03T12:19:02-08:00

Yes. It will be delivered, via email, by 9a PT / 12p ET.

Are there pre and/or recap promos?2019-12-03T12:19:27-08:00

Yes. Weekly show promos will be produced and delivered via FTP and/or email.

Will Nick do liners?2019-12-03T12:21:41-08:00

Yes. Requests must be submitted by COB Tuesday via email.

What is the turnaround on liners?2019-12-03T12:22:13-08:00

Liners will be delivered within 48 hours via FTP and/or email.

Is Nick Cannon available for market visits?2019-12-03T12:22:49-08:00

If Nick is scheduled to be in your market, he will make every effort to coordinate a visit. Otherwise, visits will be considered on an individual basis.

Is there a fee for market visits?2019-12-03T12:23:28-08:00

This is subject for discussion based on availability and type of event.

Will Nick do commercial reads?2019-12-03T12:24:04-08:00

Due to Nick’s many commitments and focus on creating content, we do not expect Nick will be able to read commercials.

What is Nick’s endorsement fee?2019-12-03T12:24:37-08:00

This is subject to discussion.

Who is on the show with Nick?2019-12-03T12:25:05-08:00

Nick will have celebrity guests and others.

Are Nick’s guests and others available for market visits?2019-12-03T12:25:50-08:00

This is n/a.

Is there contesting to see Nick’s concerts and TV shows?2019-12-03T12:26:20-08:00

We expect to have promotional and contesting opportunities.

Are the contests national or will there be local winners, too?2019-12-03T12:26:49-08:00

The show contests will be national with all affiliates entered, but if an affiliate wants to run its own contest and wants Nick to cut promos, he will.

What is the term length for the affiliate contract?2019-12-03T12:27:18-08:00


What are the terms for the affiliate contract?2020-10-07T09:20:53-07:00

There is no cash fee for affiliation. Nick Cannon Radio is available for barter under two different schedules for each of the first two-years.

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