After three decades of service, the AMC-8 satellite is nearing end of life and will not be replaced. Skyview Networks, along with four other major U.S. radio networks, will be repointing their satellite dishes to AMC-18, which will then be replaced by a newer satellite, SES-11, in the same location later in the year. February 1 through June 30 will serve as an overlap period, which will allow Skyview to provide service on both AMC-8 and AMC-18 while its stations re-point their downlink antennas in the new direction. Once SES-11 is implemented, users will have over a decade of service to their networks. For more details on the satellite move, visit For information regarding satellite vendors or questions about satellite settings and frequencies, contact Skyview’s Network Operations Center at 877-503-8910 or email [email protected].