Overlap of MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL Seasons Prompts New Strategies and Solutions from Skyview’s Technical Operations Center to Drive Successful Broadcasts

PHOENIX (September 11, 2020) – For the first time in American professional sports, four main leagues took the field, court and ice at the same time, creating a record number of broadcasts running through Skyview Networks’ Technical Operations Center. With MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL’s overlapping seasons, Skyview Networks distributed 448 broadcasts this August, which was a 21% increase over the same period in 2019. Additionally, with COVID-19 affecting game schedules and forcing broadcasters to work from remote locations, Skyview Networks’ technology and operations capabilities were put into overdrive to keep play-by-play streamlined.

Skyview Networks’ AdView inventory management system played a key role in allowing franchises to quickly adapt to uncertainties prior to and during their new seasons. They were able to update advertising schedules, formats and placements despite the short notice of changes to game schedules, allowing the broadcast process to easily follow suite. Adding to the adjustments were board operators and producers working offsite to maintain safety regulations during this time. To manage the logistics of this dynamic, Skyview Networks worked diligently to design a system that would allow for remote broadcast distribution from any location.

“Our IT, Software and Operations teams coordinated procedures and engineered solutions in anticipation of the record-setting broadcast numbers, creating new approaches to managing broadcasts that are not only applicable during this unique time, but that will have lasting appeal long after we return to normal in-studio operations,” said Ken Thiele, CEO of Skyview Networks. “I am proud of our team’s ingenuity and dedication to ensure our network partners had the technical support required to successfully maintain their programming.”

Chris Horvat, Vice President of Information Technology at Skyview Networks added, “A quick response was needed to allow business operations to function at top levels from anywhere. The design we created has since evolved and we hope to continue its development for potential partner needs in the future.”

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About Skyview Networks

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