Skyview Networks Tapped for Hubbard Radio’s Network Inventory Sales Initiative

We are pleased to announce that Hubbard Radio Group, one of the most respected broadcasters in America, has chosen Skyview Networks as its network audio partner. Skyview will have the privilege and responsibility to care for Hubbard’s dayparted inventory in the network radio space. Hubbard Radio is cresting a powerful reach of 10-million weekly listeners with dominant, impressive top-market positions.

This move into network radio is significant, as it marks the first time that Hubbard Radio has entrusted a network sales partner with their inventory.

Executive Vice President and General Manager of Skyview Networks, Jeanne-Marie Condo stated, “We are extremely proud to represent Hubbard Radio and all it delivers to the network community. Skyview is well-positioned heading into our 2021 Upfront as we continue to add dynamic solutions for buyers through our expanding network portfolio, growing digital platform and unique advertising integration opportunities.”

Speaking on behalf of the Hubbard Radio Group, Joel Oxley, SVP and GM of Hubbard DC/WTOP, said “We are extremely pleased to partner with Skyview to represent us across the country for this network radio opportunity. Hubbard is a company founded on innovation with high-performing stations in excellent markets. We look forward to working with the buying community to meet your marketing goals.”

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