Significant Affiliate Growth and Network Opportunities Promise Deep Connection Between Brands and Consumers Through Digital Network Streaming, Expanded Music and Entertainment Platforms and High-Quality News Products

PHOENIX, Ariz. (October 1, 2020) – Audio industry leader, Skyview Networks, wrapped its third annual upfront celebration built on a virtual stage for an audience of top media agencies and network buyers. With influential messaging from network executives, celebrities and dynamic audio personalities, Skyview Networks demonstrated its Unrivaled Momentum, with a strong focus on growth and new initiatives. Despite the economic and industry effects of the pandemic, Skyview continued to increase the strength of its sales portfolio, building its affiliate relationships from 5,700 to over 9,000 and reaching more than half of American listeners weekly. Loaded with some of the biggest names in entertainment, music and news, Skyview set the tone for a powerful year ahead.

With speakers representing all facets of Skyview’s network portfolio, the ad community was given a first look at the programming and branded content offerings coming in the new year. ABC Audio showcased its straightforward journalism through ABC News Radio and the exclusive access available to buyers through its well-known celebrities and top shows. Whether news, entertainment reporting, music coverage or integrations, ABC brought the breadth and cultural diversity of the ABC network to the Upfront, highlighting access from Good Morning America and World News Tonight to Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and Family Feud. CBS Audio presented on its ability to offer every story and voice across its news product and engage with listeners through its short-form music product, CBS Connect. CBS also highlighted the launch of CBS digital streaming across all CBS Audio properties. This new digital extension will generate further connectivity to audiences beginning in 2021. Alpha Media’s Regional President, George Pelletier, spoke to their expanding relationship with Skyview Networks through streaming capabilities, providing agency buyers access to live local audiences.

New network partners, The Weather Channel, The Associated Press and Hubbard Radio Group, each discussed the unique assets they bring to advertisers, in the form of audience reach and influencer integration opportunities. Each of the new networks was celebrated for the strong reputations they have established, delivering listeners with unwavering weather coverage (The Weather Channel), hard-hitting news stories (The Associated Press), and high-indexing audiences in key markets (Hubbard Radio Group).

The host of the event, Skyview Networks’ Executive Vice President and General Manager, Jeanne-Marie Condo, stated, “The theme of this year, Unrivaled Momentum, is a true testament to the portfolio growth that we’ve built through our team’s dedication to delivering results on behalf of our network partners and advertisers. Despite being virtual this year, the energy was electric and buyers were given an inside look at the scope of our sales platforms, from music and world-class news to weather, sports and digital streaming. The connections we’ve generated with audiences across the nation are exceptional, and we are excited to take them to the next level with these new initiatives.”

Music and entertainment were also key factors this year, with a focus on music trends, the effects they have on different genres and the audience engagement through diverse programming. By increasing its footprint in country and multicultural music platforms, Skyview Networks has developed an inspiring personality lineup. With ABC’s Country Contributor, Stephen Hubbard, Fitz of Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 and Bryan “B-Dub” Washington of B-Dub Radio leading Skyview’s country profile, and Nick Cannon of Nick Cannon Radio, Dana Cortez, DJ Automatic and Anthony A. of The Dana Cortez Show, and Déjà vu of The Déjà Vu Show, Skyview’s agency buyers are well-positioned for deep connectivity across the entertainment space. The new year promises to be a period of brand strengthening with consumers and the collective strategy of Skyview’s music platforms is to deliver well-planned messages through these authentic programs.

COO and President of Skyview Networks, Steve Jones, explained “Our lifestyle connections at Skyview go further than just one audience or genre—they provide the influencers and personalities that are authentic, connected with their communities who can deliver to brands original opportunities to engage these audiences. Quality content, no matter in which format it is consumed, is what wins, and I believe that we have a diverse and remarkable group of winning talent.”

A driving business force for Skyview Networks has always been the power of sports radio and its delivery to passionate fans across the country. Special guests Keith Hernandez, current MLB broadcaster and 2-time World Series champion, and Eddie Johnson, current NBA broadcaster and 17-year NBA veteran, spoke to the depth of the relationship between sports teams and their loyal hometown fans. Further, Skyview’s sports reach continues to expand with its new relationship with VSiN, the home for sports betting, through audio sales of its The BetR Network and Action Updates. By combining the passion of sports with the interest of sports betting, Skyview’s footprint among fans is greater than ever.

Ken Thiele, CEO of Skyview Networks, added, “I commend Jeanne-Marie, our sales force and our partners for their unwavering dedication and ingenuity. This is our third upfront event and each year I am blown away by the new opportunities we continue to showcase to our buyers. The success derived from our advertising platforms speaks volumes to the efforts put forth every day to provide our clients’ brands a home for their audio ad campaigns.”

Condo closed the event with a meaningful segment, highlighting and thanking the loved ones of Skyview and its partners who are first responders and essential workers stating, “During these unprecedented circumstances that have affected the population this year, we want to celebrate the heroes closest to all of us. We consider ourselves one large family and it was important to us that we call attention to those on the front lines that we appreciate and adore so much.”

Featured Correspondents:

Networks & Industry Experts


Rob Marciano, Host of Good Morning America and ABC News


Craig Swagler, Vice President and General Manager of CBS News Radio

Local Radio Networks

Steve Swick, CEO; Jeremy, Radio Personality of Country, CHR and Hot AC formats

Alpha Media USA

George Pelletier, Regional President

The Weather Channel

Stephanie Abrams, Meteorologist

The Associated Press

Michael Fabiano, Vice President and GM of the Americas

Hubbard Radio Group

Joel Oxley, Senior Vice President and Market Manager of WTOP, and

Nielsen Company

Jon Miller, Vice President, Audience Insights

Syndicated Shows

Déjà vu, Host of The Déjà Vu Show; Dana Cortez, DJ Automatic and Anthony A., Hosts of The Dana Cortez Show; Nick Cannon, Host of Nick Cannon Radio; Fitz, Host of Bob Kinglsey’s Country’s Top 40 with Fitz; Stephen Hubbard, ABC’s Country Music Correspondent; Bryan “B-Dub” Washington, Host of B-Dub Radio; Brent Musburger, Managing Editor, VSiN; Gill Alexander, Host of A Numbers Game, VSiN

Skyview Networks

Steve Jones, President & Chief Operating Officer; Jeanne-Marie Condo, Executive Vice President, General Manger; Matt Stys, Vice President, Business Development; Raul “Rico” Colindres, Creative Executive; Keith Hernandez, MLB Broadcaster, 5x All Star, 11x Gold Glove Winner, 2x World Series Champion; Eddie Johnson, NBA Broadcaster, 17-year NBA Veteran

About Skyview Networks

Skyview Networks is a broadcast technology, syndication and national network sales solution company reaching 150 million listeners weekly through 9,000 radio station relationships. It provides services to ABC Audio, CBS Audio, Local Radio Networks, Alpha Media USA, JackFM, The Dana Cortez Show, Nick Cannon Radio, Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 with Fitz, B-Dub Radio, The BetR Network featuring select VSiN content, professional and collegiate sports organizations and two state news networks. Founded in 1995, Skyview Networks is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and focuses on providing best-in-class services that include satellite and IP distribution, full network automation, inventory management systems and network audio sales. For more information, visit and follow @SkyviewNetworks.