New Services will be Available for the 2020 Upfront Season

PHOENIX, Ariz. (July 24, 2019) – Skyview Networks and Amplifi Media announce the creation of a strategic partnership to drive the development of custom audio solutions for brands seeking to reach consumers across all audio platforms and devices. This new service will be a strategic resource for agencies and clients looking to curate branded audio content through digital devices, allowing them to extend the conversation with millions of consumers. Amplifi Media is a recognized leader in the digital audio space, producing top listener-focused branded podcasts, and is available to agencies and CMOs immediately for 2020 upfront collaboration.

“Branded podcasts are a rapidly emerging segment of podcast revenue, having grown more than 6X to $67 million from 2018-19, and are forecast to increase to $100 million by 2021,” said Steve Jones, President and COO of Skyview Networks. “Working with Amplifi Media, we’ll be better positioned to meet the developing needs of consumer brands that are seeking a voice strategy.”

“What we know for sure in our work with radio, podcast, and smart speakers is that one-size-fits-all solutions rarely work,” said Steve Goldstein, CEO of Amplifi Media. “We are excited to be teamed with Skyview Networks to innovate, develop and maximize audio content solutions for each platform.”

Under the new arrangement, CMOs seeking to differentiate their brands with custom audio content will have access to Skyview’s network of 5,000 radio stations to create awareness of their branded podcast and/or smart speaker initiatives. Creating awareness is a critical benefit of working with Skyview Networks and Amplifi Media.

About Amplifi Media

Amplifi Media works with top media companies, corporate brands, podcasters and individual talent to define and create effective digital strategy and content for on-demand audio including podcasts and smart speakers.  For more information, visit or follow Steve Goldstein, Amplifi Media’s CEO, @sjgoldstein.

About Skyview Networks

Skyview Networks is a broadcast technology and national network sales solutions company that provides services to ABC Radio, CBS Audio, professional and collegiate sports organizations and two state news networks. Founded in 1995, Skyview is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and focuses on providing best-in-class services that include satellite distribution, full network automation, inventory management systems and network audio sales. For more information, visit and follow @SkyviewNetworks.