(September 28, 2022) – Skyview Networks, a broadcast industry leader in audio technology, announced today they will remotely produce the Tampa Bay Rays in-game broadcast from their Technical Operations Center in Scottsdale, Arizona due to Florida office closures as Hurricane Ian approaches. With the storm scheduled to make landfall on September 28, the Skyview Networks operations and engineering teams will manage the play-by-play broadcasts for the Rays’ upcoming series at the Cleveland Guardians.

For over ten years, the Tampa Bay Rays have utilized Skyview Networks’ AdView software for play-by-play inventory management, allowing them the flexibility to shift the studio location of their broadcast quickly and efficiently. Using Skyview’s state-of-the-art studio and technical facility, the Rays broadcasts can be seamlessly produced in Scottsdale and distributed to Rays affiliates across Florida.

“Skyview Networks is a proud, longtime partner of the Tampa Bay Rays and we are glad to step in for their production team so they can focus on Hurricane Ian,” said Andrew Kalb, SVP Business Development and Communication of Skyview Networks. “Our operations team is diligently working to ensure that the Rays play-by-play remains uninterrupted this week and we are proud to have the technical support and software that allows us to step in wherever necessary.”

For information on Skyview Networks’ full suite of audio technology solutions, visit www.skyviewnetworks.com.

About Skyview Networks
Skyview Networks is an audio technology, syndication and network audio sales solutions company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With more than 10,000 radio affiliate relationships, its nationwide coverage reaches over half of all Americans each week. Skyview’s industry-leading services are utilized by major media companies, leading consumer brands, world-class entertainers, professional and collegiate sports organizations, and state news networks. For more information, visit skyviewnetworks.com and follow @SkyviewNetworks.